This is the good news of the day! A cover is finally available for the reissue of the author’s disturbing work Kyoko Okazaki, Helter Skelter! The one-shot is scheduled for November 30 at the publishing house The Akatombo Workshop.

published by Casterman in 2007, the one-shot is one of the author’s flagship works which was awarded the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize in 2004. The title was published in Feel Young magazine in 1995.

Résumé :

“You want to become famous? Do you want to become rich? Wear pretty clothes, appear in magazines or on television? » A few years ago, young Haruko accepted this pact. Even if it imposes a complete metamorphosis on him thanks to
a series of cosmetic surgeries and the use of banned medications, which could cause serious side effects. Today, under the name Ririko, she is an adored top model, at the height of her beauty. Yet the facade is cracking. Migraines, mood swings, skin problems, her sublime body seems to be revolting. A question then arises: what will happen if her fans discover that she is “a fabricated girl”?

Source : The Akatombo Workshop

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