With the God Valley flashback having concluded in the previous chapter, at least for now, fans are eagerly awaiting One Piece Chapter 1097, which is scheduled to release next week. We can’t wait to learn more about Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback

One Piece chapter 1097: this character's past finally revealed

One Piece chapter 1097: this character’s past finally revealed

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While the spoilers will soon come out, we have just learned that the release of chapter 1097 of One Piece will take place without a week’s break, with the first information expected to come out in a few days. While there may be some information online ahead of the issue’s release week, it is most likely falsified spoilers.

That being said, like One Piece Chapter 1096, 1097 is expected to follow the story on Kuma, it’s basically a question of whether the chapter will begin to reveal how he joins the revolutionary army or whether it will continue to unfold. focus on his life with Ginny.

One Piece Chapter 1097 is expected to see Kuma and Ginny grow closer, revealing how he joins the revolutionary army.

One piece chapter 1097: release date

One Piece Chapter 1097 is expected to release on Wednesday or Thursday, November 1st.

While One Piece Chapter 1097 could go either of these two distinct paths, the most likely answer is that the focus will be on both in the upcoming chapter. We will certainly see a time jump to when Kuma and Ginny are probably teenagers.

From there, we will perhaps witness the beginnings of a romance between the two protaganists for each other. A slight jump in time is also expected when Jewelry Bonney was born and when Ginny was pregnant.

Chapter 1097: Tragic?

One Piece Chapter 1097 could potentially show some sort of tragedy happening in the Sorbet Kingdom, due to the Celestial Dragons or the Marines. One way or another, Ginny will be involved in this tragedy, and will either be detained or killed by one of these two groups. That said, the latter situation will probably only happen if Bonney is already born by then.

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Either way, this should serve as a catalyst to convince Kuma to join the Revolutionary Army. Ivankov will likely return to the Sorbet Kingdom to check on his friends after the tragedy, and find a distraught Kuma. After learning what happened to Ginny, Ivankov will certainly offer her to join the Revolutionary Army.

One Piece Chapter 1097 is then expected to introduce Monkey D. Dragon, who, along with Ivankov, will personally recruit Kuma into their rebel group. From there, fans will likely see the flashback fast forward, showing Bonney’s life growing up with Kuma both in the Sorbet Kingdom and on the seas with the Revolutionary Army.

Kuma’s flashback is then set to take place just before Kuma was fully transformed into a Pacifista, revealing the role Saint Jaygarcia Saturn played in this final moment of his life. The flashback should then end and return to the present where Bonney’s life hangs in the balance on Egghead Island.

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