Although MHA manga artist Kohei Horikoshi confirmed that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is canon, fans still have doubts about it. The latest chapter spoilers have given fans further proof that the film is indeed canon thus putting an end to this debate;

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is entirely canon (and the manga confirmed it)

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is entirely canon (and the manga confirmed it)

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For the uninitiated, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is a 2019 film that was released during the fourth season of the anime, right after the Meta Liberation War. Since the events of the series were too developed to be canon, many did not believe it to be canon.

However, since then, the manga series has given fans clues that it is indeed canon.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia.

The plot of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is confirmed in chapter 405

The events of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising were finally confirmed as canon after manga chapter 405 spoilers saw Katsuma and Mahoro Shimano make an appearance. They can be seen cheering on Katsuki Bakugo after he saved All Might from All For One’s clutches.

The two children are major characters in the film. They were the residents of Nabu Island, where the students of Class 1-A were sent for their Hero Recommendation project. Now that they have appeared, both characters are finally in line with the manga series, which confirms Horikoshi’s claims that the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie is canon.

Nine in the movie My Hero Academia

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However, this isn’t the first time a character from the film has appeared in My Hero Academia. The main antagonist of the film was Nine, who could use the All For One Quirk. Although the character was executed by Tomura Shigaraki in the film’s epilogue, he later appeared in chapter 222 of the manga, in the memories of a disciple of All For One.

This firmly established that Nine was present in the My Hero Academia universe, thus confirming that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was canon.

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 also hinted that the events of the film were canon, as Bakugo’s eyes resembled Deku’s when he passed on his OFA Quirk to him. Also, in this chapter, Bakugo and Deku hold hands, like in the movie.

How does the fact that the movie is canon affect the manga series?

Deku and Bakugo in the film My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising saw Deku share One For All with Bakugo to defeat Nine. If the events of the film are canonical, there is no reason why the two heroes should not do the same in the manga. Although the scene was very powerful, seeing Deku and Bakugo doing the same move again might seem strange, especially considering fans already saw it years ago.

Bakugo having just healed, it would make sense for Deku to share part of his Quirk with him. However, this scene could face a lot of criticism due to poor execution.

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