Two weeks after announcing the arrival of the pretty Nordic romance The Scarlet Eagle and the Yeti by Shikayo Shirakaba (see his account) and of Mashimesa Emoto (see his account), naBan gives us a new surprise! Anna and the Prince of Albion An Ogura (see his account) will be released on March 22, 2024 with its first two volumes.

Pre-published since 2022 on the Cycomi website Cygames, the series is enjoying its small success in Japan with more than a million copies in circulation with only 5 volumes. Anna and the Prince of Albion will therefore be the mangaka’s first series to arrive in France!

Résumé :

Anna, 2nd daughter of a noble family, has had enough of conventions and does not want to flatter the great lords to succeed in her life… Obsessed with the art of war, she dreams of going to fight alongside her father, one of the greatest warriors of the empire. Unfortunately, when the latter is killed by the general of the neighboring country Albion, she is offered to them as tribute. Anna has no choice but to go to Albion where plots are brewing, and she is determined not to keep her blade in her pocket!

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