The first full trailer for the anime Whisper Me a Love Song, adapted from the manga of the same name byEku Takeshima (see his account) has just been revealed. We can hear Humming Love, the musical theme performed by SSGIRLS ; and it is also announced that the anime will have its release postponed from January to next April.

We learn as a bonus thatAkira Manao (Ghost Hunt) replace Xin Ya Cai (episode director on Arte, assistant director on The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt) as director. The studio Yokohama Animation Lab is credited with producing the animation with Cloud Hearts.

The manga began to be pre-published in 2019 in the Yuri Hime Comic. It currently has 8 volumes in Japan, volume 5 will soon be released in France, published by Taifu Comicson January 28.

Résumé :

During the high school commencement ceremony, Himari is deeply touched by the singing of the band’s vocalist performing on stage, a tall, beautiful girl named Yori. Unable to contain her enthusiasm, she goes to meet him to share this feeling with him, as a fan. But what she doesn’t realize right away is that the latter fell in love with her in a much more romantic way! What will Himari do when she realizes that the feelings she has for Yori may not be on the level of those the latter feels for her?

Source : ANN France

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