Great Usamaru Furuya will be back in 2024 at IMHO with The Crusade of Innocents and The Music of Mary.

The first title (Innocents Shounen Juujigun) arrived in 2007 in the pages of Manga Erotic F. It was concluded in three volumes and offers a dive into 13th century France, in the middle of the Crusades period. We follow a group of kids who try to survive by displaying their conviction (moral or religious). A strong and violent title like Furuya love them (and so do we). The first volume will arrive in June.

The second title (Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku) ​​is already known to French readers since this one shot was published in Japan in 2001 by Gentoshua was published by Casterman (in two volumes). A beautiful fantasy/post apo story that we highly recommend

Refined and talented author, Usamaru Furuya is recognized for his series Litchi hikari club (2006) or more recently I would like to be killed by a high school girl (2013). “Different” and awesome works to try.

Summary The Music of Mary:
Young Kai lives in a world of peace and harmony, with little advanced technology. Accustomed to the presence of Mary, a mechanical goddess who appears in the sky, he has recently noticed the music emanating from her. Troubled by the memory of the drowning he escaped as a child, he feels that something is escaping him, starting with his own existence. He discovers that Marie’s music plays a vital role in the ordering of the world. But what place has destiny reserved for him?

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