It’s on March 6 that the friendly Moonlight collection from Delcourt/Tonkam will host the one-shot Silent Blue. This title is signed by the talented author Icori Ando (see his Twitter account), a mangaka already read on Snow Illusion or the very good Soul Guardians at Komikku.

This story was published in 2011 in the pages of Feel Young. Here is the cover of the Spanish edition, to give you an idea of ​​the graphic atmosphere of this dreamlike title.


Résumé :
A meteorite crashed twenty years ago in the heart of the town where young Aoko lived. An incessant rain has filled the crater created by the crash, and a mysterious lake now contains the dormant memory of the homes. Aoko, now an adult, never stops diving into this lake in order to find the memories buried there…

Source : Delcourt/Tonkam

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