During the live Not at all special shoujo, the publisher announced the arrival of two new titles in its shoujo collection!

We start with the first shoujo, The Child in Me by Aoi Mamoru (see his account), which will be released on January 12. Pre-published in Bessatsu Friend since 2021, it currently has 7 volumes. We had already been able to discover the author at Not at all last year with Lovely friend(zone), a lovely high school romance! With the child in me, Aoi Mamoru tackles a more difficult subject: teenage pregnancy.

Résumé :

Sachi, in her 2nd year of high school, goes out with Takara, a childhood friend the same age as her. One winter’s day, Sachi begins to feel unwell. Nauseated, she suddenly remembers an evening when, in the middle of lovemaking, Takara’s condom broke. She decides to go buy a pregnancy test in a pharmacy far from home and then goes to the toilets of a small family restaurant. Stunned, Sachi sees the two little lines appear: the test is positive.

The second title will arrive in May 2024 from the publisher! This is the first Boys’ Love in his catalog. Kimi ni wa todokanai de Mika (see his account) has been pre-published on the Gene Pixiv website since 2018 and currently has 8 volumes. Like The Child in Me, Kimi ni wa todokanai will see its first four volumes published in 2024!

Résumé :

Kakeru and Yamato are two childhood friends who are complete opposites, yet they love spending their time together. Yamato is handsome, tall and studious, while Kakeru is naive, and rather bad in class. Surprised that his friend doesn’t already have a girlfriend, Kakeru asks him one day if he is in love with anyone. Yamato hesitates for a moment before pronouncing his first name…

Source : Not at all

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