Disney+ Star Japan revealed on Tuesday that the SAND LAND mangaAkira Toriyama was going to host an anime titled SAND LAND: THE SERIES (note the plural) which will be offered exclusively for streaming on Disney+ Starworldwide, at the heart of the “STAR Anime Series” program, in spring 2024. A first visual was also shared:

This project promises footage from the unreleased animated film SAND LAND, but also famous scenes from the original manga, as well as a new story created by Akira Toriyama which follows the events of the film. We will also find the same casting, with:

Mutsumi Tamura as Beelzebub Kazuhiro Yamaji as Rao Chō as Thief Satoshi Tsuruoka as General Are Nobuo Tobita as General Zau

The production team also remains unchanged. Toshihisa Yokoshima (Tales of Crestoria: The ake of Sin, Amanatsu, “Cocolors) is the director with Hiroshi Koujina (Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis, The Vampire Dies in No Time, Grenadier) est son conseiller. Hayashi Mori (Cells at Work! Code Black, Drifting Home) signe les scripts. Yoshikazu Iwanami is a sound director, and Yûgo Kanno (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Psycho-Pass, Ajin) compose la musique.

The manga, a series of short stories, was featured in Weekly Shônen Jump (Shueisha) between May and August 2000. A single volume was published in November 2020. It is available in France from Glenat while the film remains unreleased to this day…

Source : ANN France

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