Another great release planned for 2024… Delcourt/Tonkam announced yesterday on Twitter the shôjo Studio Cabana of Aguri Uma (see his account). A high school romance with a musical background, which should be available in April 2024 in the publisher’s Moonlight collection!

Pre-published in Pixiv Sylph magazine since 2021, Studio Cabana currently has 5 volumes. Highly anticipated by the shoujo community in France, it is the author’s first manga to reach us.

Résumé :

Yukari Maki, the sweet high school student, one day sees her classmate Yusuke Kusaka, a delinquent, singing a love song. She would never have imagined a voice so soft, and yet so sad, coming from him. Yukari is immediately captivated, without knowing that this is the beginning of a sad one-sided love story.

Source : Delcourt/TonkamNautiljon (summary)

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