The 51st issue of Weekly Shônen Jump revealed Monday that the Blue Box manga by Koji Miura (see his account) was going to be adapted into an anime. A first visual was also revealed via the website dedicated to the series.

The seiyu Shôya Chiba will bring Taiki Inomata to life, and Queen Ueda in Chinatsu Kano. The anime will also be presented during a panel on stage on December 16 during the Jump Festa ’24in the presence of the cast.

The manga saw the light of day in 2020 in Weekly Shônen Jump in the form of a one-shot. It subsequently began to be pre-published in April 2021 in the magazine. Its thirteenth volume was published on December 4 in Japan. The manga is available in France at Delcourt/Tonkam and volume 5 is scheduled for January 2024.

Résumé :

Taiki Inomata, a member of the badminton club, fell in love with Chinatsu Kano, the star of his school’s basketball club. He trains alongside him every morning. His relationship with Chinatsu will take a completely new turn when one spring day, the most disconcerting news will offer him an unexpected opportunity to conquer his love.

Source : ANN France

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