The author Claude Leblanc (see his Twitter account) has written a remarkable book, The Garo Revolution, dedicated – as its name suggests – to the historic pre-publication magazine Garo launched in 1964. An essential work, full of Japanese sources, that we are defending in the next AnimeLand to be published. You can support this great initiative led by the publisher IMHO by going to meet the author this Wednesday, November 22. A signing session and a conference are scheduled.

To do so, go to 3 rue de Dante, 75005 Paris (at the bookstore Pulp’s BD). You can also register online or contact the store at or send an email to The conference given should build on that proposed in June 2022.

Note also that you will need to purchase a copy of the book to obtain a dedication. Claude Leblancformer member of Courrier international, is an author recognized as the founder of the monthly Zoom Japan.

Source : IMHO

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