While we have just learned of the coming of Moto Hagio au Angoulême Festival next January, Fox gives us a nice surprise: the publication of the author’s Leo manga! The adventures of a cat like any other, with the graphic style of a major author… a story to discover on January 25, during the festival!

Please note that the work will not join the Héritages collection like other mangas from Moto Hagio but in the Small collection, intended for younger readers. The author had already had the opportunity to sell her title on French territory since she self-published it and offered it in three volumes during Japan Expo 2012 !

Résumé :

Leo is an adorable cat who doesn’t ask for much: eat, play, rest. But too often, the humans around him don’t seem to understand his needs! When he goes to school, work or simply asks to go out, he gets scolded too often. Life is really too unfair…

Source : Fox

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